Innovation Appreciation: PATAGONIA WORN WEAR

We LOVE Patagonia and WORN WEAR is just one of the reasons we appreciate what the brand stands for

Patagonia Worn Wear

With the now, worldwide yearly tradition of ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ creating hysterical scenes at many retail stores and online around the world, Patagonia took the opportunity to celebrate the items of the clothing which their customer’s already own.The Worn Wear campaign created a community of individuals who have shared the stories of their favourite Patagonia products, how long they have owned them, where they have been together and how the product has helped overcome challenges along the way. The campaign promotes the reuse, recycle and repair messages to create items of clothing, which have a personality, a story and a journey; therefore reducing the waste created from discarding old clothing and removing the unrenewable resources used in the production of a new garment. The video below showcases a number of these incredible experiences, creating an inspiring and aspirational piece, which among friends, led to the immediate purchase of some waterproof patches and a sewing kit!

The standout individual in this piece is a surfer from Baja, Mexico; who after 15 years of wearing his Patagonia board-shorts in adventures which spanned surf hotspots around the world, showed his deep regret that he had to replace the ‘ass end’ of this board-shorts with a recycled beach umbrella. Check it out:


The Patagonia Worn Wear campaign reinforces the Patagonia mission statement that quality lasts. Many brands will have succumb to the temptation of exponential sales and profits over the ‘Black Friday’/’Cyber Monday’ weekend, however we want to show our appreciation to Patagonia for standing strong and true to their message, a standard that resonates with us at Blue Associates.

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