Sportswear branding and trims make a difference

Garments labels and trims should be designed and developed with the same consideration as the garment design itself to maintain the same brand message. At Blue Associates we design and develop the garment trim pack before the garments and design the trims to strengthen brand message.

Sportswear branding – the difference between average and unique.

Gone are the days where sportswear brands can simply stick a rubber badge on the chest of every garment and then plaster their logo onto every other piece of trim so that the garment ends up with 25+ logos.

Every piece of trim should be considered as a jewel and these can be branded to make them bespoke to the brand but they should be done so in a way that is cleverer than simply applying the logo.

Together these trims create a brand identity that should deliver the same brand message that is delivered in all other communication to the consumer. Quality of design, function and materials should match that of the clothing so the brand has a very clear positioning.

At Blue Associates we ALWAYS start with the trim pack before we start the clothing designs. We create a list of the trims we will need for the entire collection and designs the trims to work as a package that we can dip into when we start the garment designs. This is signed off before we start the clothing designs and put into work with our trim factories as the development lead times can be very lengthy and we like to get these trims on the 2nd prototype if possible.

Trim colour should also be considered too as these will need to compliment the choice of colour for the clothing range and individual product.

Sourcing the trims need special consideration too. We always try to source the trim pack from one supplier so that the quality remains consistent across the range and across suppliers. It also increases volume per trim items that should reduce the costs per item too.

Some examples of trim designed by Blue Associates