Designing and Developing The Best Cycle Chamois

Developing the best cycle chamois, and I’m not talking about cleaning cars.

How many different ways can sportswear brands design the key interaction point between the bike and the rider, the saddle and the derr’re? It turns out a lot and each brand and believes that their variation on design, materials, and construction is the best. How do you design and develop a world leading cycle and triathlon chamois from scratch, well here’s our process:

1) Understand the audience. I’m talking cycle vs. triathlon, men vs. women, sprint triathlon vs. ironman, cycle commute vs. 100 mile sportive. The end use of the chamois is critical to the design, material choices and construction. For example, take the difference between male and female anatomy as a starting point, the pressure distribution across the saddle is vastly different. There are numerous peer reviewed research papers looking into this pressure distribution across the variations stated above, collating this into some clearly defined matrices enables us to design and develop with confidence that our decisions make a real difference for the athlete.

2) Create, test, tweak, repeat “ Ultimately, you don’t know if something really works unless you test it. Our process involves creating rough and ready prototypes that we can try for ourselves or give to our ambassadors to test product to the limit on their amazing adventures. Once we process feedback, our designs are tweaked, and we test again. Only when we are 100% satisfied with the outcome, we will release the product to the market.

3) Select materials that perform- Every chamois on the market is made from similar components being a soft material that touches the skin and then layers of sponge foam to provide the comfort. This formula has been used for decades and while it works to a degree on the bike, it feels very uncomfortable off the bike, especially after a long hard ride when the chamois eventually turns into a nappy, soaked with absorbed sweat.

We stared from a blank sheet and worked with new materials to create something that offers maximum comfort when you are on the bike but also after your ride so you can sip your espresso without feeling like a toddle in nappies.

4) New technology “ Chamois suppliers do a very good job of providing a off the shelf solution to the buyers needs. However this does not separate the competition and why should we just settle for an easy solution. In collaboration with our manufacturers we’ve been able to design a bespoke chamois using technologies never seen before in this market. Bringing our expertise in garment manufacture and transferring this knowledge into design and develop a chamois which hits all of defined matrices for the ultimate chamois.