Sportswear Fabrics

Sportswear fabrics are the key ingredient to the performance of any performance sportswear garment.

The mix of fibres and even the construction and shape of the fibre creates the garments overall performance. You can then add to this the weight, construction, structure and finish, all to help the performance of the garment.

Most sportswear brands simply purchase sportswear fabrics from their selection of trusted fabric mills based on general performance requirements but essentially they are based on cost

At Blue Associates we work with a very large network of fabric mills around the world that produce performance materials from $1.50 up to $40 per meter, all offering different levels of performance and quality. When ultimate performance is required and off the shelf simply won’t do, we have the facility to develop bespoke materials to help elevate the performance and tailor this to our clients requirements.

This can go as deep as our clients require and we have created sportswear fabrics that have a very detailed specification that includes-:

  • Fibre construction and shape.
  • Fabric construction and weave.
  • Specific mix of fibres.
  • Specific weight of material.
  • Breathability specifications
  • Waterproof specification
  • Durability and pilling specification

By understanding the athletes performance requirements to maintain their comfort and therefore active performance we can engineer performance sportswear fabrics to their exact needs. We can make fabrics more breathable, durable, softer, more hard wearing, faster wicking, quicker drying or more waterproof all by creating specific specifications.

We then need to test these fabrics, both in a lab against the nearest and best off the shelf sportswear fabrics but also in the field, by athletes that complete a blind test. This is completed by creating garments made with the left half from fabric A and the right side in fabric B. The garments don’t look the prettiest as the fabrics are never in the same colour but it’s the only way to get real feedback from an athlete who has no prior knowledge of what the performance of each material is.

Not only do we evaluate their comments, we can also study the wear performance of each material after a specific amount of hours testing and a prescribed number of washes so we can be 100% confident we create performance sportswear fabrics that completely outperform off the shelf materials most.

If you are looking for performance sportswear fabrics and are a little bemused at the myriad of choice and marketing mumbo jumbo that surrounds many of these then get in touch, We can help point you in the right direction or create bespoke materials that will give your product a real advantage against the competition.