Always join up your thinking when designing sportswear

If you are designing performance sportswear, then start with getting the fabrics right and you have 1/2 the job done.

Designing sportswear is about understanding the requirements of the end user.

We like Mover. They have launched some really clever skiwear over the years since their launch in 2006. It’s their understanding of the benefits of merino wool we especially like.

They use merino wool to help regulate body temperature as being too warm on a mountain means you sweat and cold sweat on a mountain can result in discomfort at it’s best and can be lethal.

Synthetics are fantastic if you want something extremely lightweight and warm, but no synthetic can regulate body temperature, so if your working hard or the conditions change, you can soon become too hot and you feel clammy inside your layers. This clammy moisture can then turn cold when you stop being active and cause severe heat loss.

Breathability is the key to optimal thermal regulation and you need to look no further than nature for the answer. Animals are exposed to excessive heat all the time, such as being out in +30º sunshine all day with a huge fleece or a dog lying much closer than any human could next to fire for hours on end after enduring a day of freezing snow, rain and extreme cold temperatures. A merino sheep has over the centuries perfected the art of staying comfortable in excessive summer heat while staying warm in extreme winters through its fleeces ability to thermo regulate.

Mover wanted to replace the synthetic wadding in padded skiwear with something that regulated heat and was the first ski brand to produce a 100% natural wool padded and merino lined GORE-TEX® ski garment that is never too cold and never to warm.