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Sportswear Factory

We source our sportswear production from several high performance sportswear factories in China, Vietnam, Portugal and Korea through a network of trusted suppliers from simple Merino wool T shirts through to technical stitch free waterproofs using the most advanced performance fabrics from around the world.

Many of these sportswear factories are state of the art and immaculate facilities, using the very latest technical machinery such as laser cutting, ultra sonic welding and seam bonding. These facilities pride themselves on their ability to produce the best sportswear in the world.


Some of these factories make western hospitals look archaic and filthy. the perception by many than producing in the Far East equates to sweat shops and low wages is no longer factual. Sure, you can still find some horrendous factories, especially if you are chasing price, but if you are looking for quality and high performance sportswear you could compare some of these facilities to computer or luxury sports car factories with all visitors required to wear overshoes and hair nets to maintain the spotlessness of the factory floor.

We develop bespoke fabrics for our clients and specify finishes and performance standards so that we can guarantee the product will perform in the climate and conditions the garment was intended.


We use a huge network of fabric mills from around the world that develop cutting edge technical sports fabrics and often create bespoke materials blending fabrics using our specific fibre mix.

Our trims and components are sourced from nominated suppliers to maintain consistency across the range of sportswear products and quality is maintained and checked through a process of laboratory test results and samples. Using one trusted source for your trims increases the quality and consistency but also reduces the costs of these trims.

We can manage AQL production reports from independent test houses during production and we always request shipment samples and approve these prior to shipping any bulk to make sure we are 100% satisfied the quality is perfect.

Our reputation demands we deliver quality.
We work with several clients at any one time, some being the largest high street multiples.
This has established us to become more important to sportswear manufacturers which entitles us to some benefits which we can pass onto our clients.

Our sourcing is through a network of trusted suppliers that specialise in performance sportswear manufacture from base layers, merino, mid layers, soft-shell and waterproofs with stitch free construction.


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