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We are sportswear designers……

We design, develop, source and produce high performance sportswear apparel for blue chip brands within many different sporting activities that include cycle, mountain, outdoor, marine, golf, equestrian, snow, fishing, country and extreme sports.

Blue Associates was established in 1997 as a design and sourcing consultancy to the sports apparel industry and specialised in high performance sportswear. Over the years we have worked with many blue chip global sportswear brands and designed and developed some of the worlds leading performance sports clothing, many of which have won gear tests or awards.

Recently we have been approached by start up sportswear businesses that need the assistance to design, develop and source their sportswear concepts. Many have a great business concept but have no idea how to turn this into reality or design and develop sportswear. This is where we step in as sportswear designers and guide them through the process from branding, brand language, ID and registration through to range planning, margin targets and eventually the sportswear designs. Once we have the range in CAD form and the designs have been approved, these sportswear designs are then developed into prototypes through the selected factory we specify. Once these prototypes have been tested and finalised we progress into production and manage the whole process for them from budgets, manufacturing, shipping and clearing UK customs through to delivery to their warehouse.

We sometimes become involved in assisting the marketing and presentation of the range to key buyers or investors and we have featured many times on investment business plans as their key partner in the launch of their sportswear venture.

We have worked with start up brands within the cycle, shooting, surf, running, ski, outdoor, and equestrian markets and some of these start ups have become major influencers not only within their specialised sports market but generally as a standalone brand.

We are driven by product because we are sportswear designers through and through and understand the demands of the athlete and the sportswear market as a whole.

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