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Looking for a Sportswear designer?

Why choose us? Simple. We like to keep things simple. No fuss. No excess. No kitchen sinks for kitchen sinks sake. As specialists sportswear designer by trade that now has an award winning consultancy theat specialises in high performance sportswear design and production. We do our research, understand the market and the consumers needs and design sportswear products that meet these. We don’t add gimmicks or features that won’t be used as these cost money and the consumer ends up paying for them. We like to design high performance sports clothing that does the job and offers the best value for money.

We always discuss margin expectations with our clients and target prices and we then design our sportswear to reach these targets. This allows us to select the most suitable fabrics, factories, features and components. We also offer something “in-house” design teams cannot offer – Creativity. Most of our clients have their own in-house R&D but they soon become stale, watching what their direct competitors are doing and only researching their specific market. How many cycling sportswear designers also understand the marine, outdoor, snow, equestrian or extreme sports markets and constantly become involved in these different product types?
This allows us to cross over technologies and features from different markets and keeps our products innivative

We are also 100% product lead and don’t have a marketing and sales department that believe your brands is all about there department. The origin of every brand that sells product should always remain all about the product. If you get this wrong then you have to work harder to sell product that is not 100% perfect. When Blue associates looks after your sportswear design we are never influenced by reactive sales teams or marketing departments who want to develop product around a campaign. Our sportswear design will be focused on developing the right product that the market requires to the right performance and quality. SIMPLE

Note below some examples of a cycle brand that engaged us to create the designs, source the product and produce their entire clothing range from scratch.


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