What sportswear design experience do we have?

What sportswear design experience do we have?

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Blue Associates was established in 1997 and since then has worked with over 70 blue chip sportswear apparel brands around the world on the design, development  and sourcing of their performance sportswear.

We manage the process from a concept through to delivered goods via a network of trusted sportswear manufacturers from base layers through to stitch free waterproofs.

We have developed innovative products for many different sporting activities including cycle, marine, snow, mountain, equestrian, outdoor, golf and extreme sports. All of these activities have there own specific requirements with regard to performance and features and this has broadened our knowledge and allowed us to apply some relevant features and technologies across our clients.

Many of our clients use us to influence the rest of their range or their internal design department. Often in-house design departments become stale as they are only focused on their direct competitors and existing customer base. Eventually they all start to copy each other and produce goods that compete head to head. Where we differ is we are working across the entire sportswear market within different sports and can bring new technologies, features and manufacturing techniques and tailor these to your requirements. We also work with many fabric mills around the world and develop materials to our own specification to increase the overall performance of the garment.

We are less focused on your competitors and more in tune with developing product that is unique to you and your customers requirements to complete their sport. We evaluate their needs rather than what the competitors are up to.

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