Sportswear production – What is the process?

What is the process from concept through to sportswear production

The process is pretty simple

We always start with a blank page and we like to meet our clients face to face.

We start with an in depth interrogation on what you want to produce. What your goals are, who you want to compete against and why. Where you want to sell your product and how and where you see the brand in 5 and 10 years from now and how you intend to get there.

We also need to understand the end consumer and their performance needs so that we can determine the levels of performance required to keep the athlete comfortable.

Once we understand these elements we can start to research the market and athletes requirements and start to create the concepts and source relevant materials that will perform to the brief.

We then create details CAD designs that include a full trim and branding pack and a colour palette for the range. These CADS are presented to our client with the relevant fabrics so that a clear understanding of how each piece will perform and look.

Once this stage is approved, we move onto a detailed specification and critical path. The specification is shared with our manufacturing partner that specialises in performance sportswear production.

A prototype is produced so that we can determine performance, fit and function and move to a 2nd prototype that should include some of the branding elements we have developed.

All of the samples are fitted on approved size fit models

A round of sealing and size sets to approve the different sizes (grades) are also produced and only when we are 100% satisfied does the bulk production start.

We can then manage the shipping from the factory to your DC if required.

We have been following this process since we started in 1997 and to date its worked seamlessly and our sportswear production partners are familiar with our exacting standards and method of the creation of our designs.

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