Our sportswear production minimums per style?

Sportswear production minimums?

It depends on the product and your requirements.

We work with many differing sized clients from huge established brands that place huge volumes to start up brands that have a limited budget and need to establish that their concept work with a tight budget.

Our sportswear production partners are around the world from China, Vietnam, Korea to Portugal and all offer high quality performance sportswear but at different volumes and prices depending on labour costs, technical abilities and volume.

Most factories in the Far East typically require 1,000 -1200 pieces per style but our Portuguese partners require a much smaller volume that start at 300 pieces.

One thing is for sure, all of our partners are trusted and have a reputation as being the best at their game. They produce some of the best quality performance sportswear currently available and only work with like minded brands that want to create quality product with ethical standards you would be proud to market.

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