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Choose the right sportswear factory

So how do you choose the right sportswear factory?

We produce our bespoke designs from a trusted network of sports manufacturers in China, Vietnam, South Korea and Portugal.

Nearly 50% of the worlds clothing is produced in the Far East and there is a reason for this. They have the right work ethic, drive, infrastructure, technology and skill base. China is no longer the cheapest option but if you are looking for quality, fantastic service and value for money then there really is no other option. That’s why the majority of our clients products are produced in a performance sportswear factory based in the Far East.

We also produce in other countries where quantities need to either increase or decrease from typical Chinese minimums.

Vietnam has a lower labour rate than China and we manufacture in a very technical sprtwear factory just outside Ho Chi Minh that requires slightly larger volumes than China but offer a more competitive price. The factory is joinly owned by a Chinese sportswear factory and so you can switch between Vietnamese or Chinese production depending on the volumes you require.

We also produce in an incredibly technical sportswear factory in Hong Kong. This factory uses ultrasonic welded and stitch free technology. Infact they dont own a single sewing machine as all of the seams are ultrasonic welded to create some real cutting edge sportswear.

Europe is starting to become a stronger player and we use a couple of manufactureres here. Again,, these are very technical and high quality and the minimus are far smaller than China, however the price reflects this reduction in volume.

Our reputation relies on these trusted manufacturers to deliver bespoke, performance sportswear time and time again. It’s therefore in our interest to source through a sportswear factory we trust and know will deliver and have the ability to produce quality, performance sportswear.

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