Why did we start designing sportswear ?

Why did we start designing sportswear ?

Blue Associates was established in June 1997 when I took the decision to start out on my own after five years of working in various performance related design roles. I graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1993 and have worked for various Blue Chip companies including the Pentland Group both designing and sourcing sportswear in the UK and overseas.

During the early days of the company Blue worked for a variety of major brands, the majority of which came from the sports and fashion industry and were generally focused in the performance sector.

It quickly became apparent that a design only service had limitations and Clients requested a full turn-key service. Once the designs were handed over to a third party some of the interpretation became lost in the process and the timely delivery of goods and the quality were all beyond the control of the person who had the vision of what the end product should actually be. With this in mind I decided that the only way to fix the problem was to control the whole process and use the sourcing experience I had gained while working at Pentland.

The proof of the success of this structure and the operation is born out in the continual “Best in Test” our products receive and the growth of our clients businesses due to the strength of their product offering.

Blue now has a rapidly developing client roster, but we don’t view it as a competition to gather together the highest number of clients possible – but rather to work with companies that we admire and people who are at the cutting edge of their industry. We also enjoy the challenge and opportunity to work with start-up brands and currently we are working with four start-ups and have been a critical influence to the success of now established brands that we worked with from their inception.

Our strengths are the design and production of technical products that require specialist manufacturing and detailed specification. The technical aspects of the products may change but we see the whole process through from initial briefing to final delivery of bulk production to your point of delivery.

Stuart Brooke (Founder)

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