Do you just design sportswear and what type do you design?

Everything we design is bespoke for our clients and we only produce products to their exact requirements.

All our sportswear designs are based on a specif brief and 100% bespoke, developed specifically for our clients. We ALWAYS start with a blank sheet and create innovative product that makes your brand stand out. It’s the only way we can guarantee we can make a significant difference to your brand.

Only when you start with a blank page can you really create something new. Sure, we research markets and competitors products but we tend not to be led by these. We digest what we need to but never copy. When we design sportswear we are designing something unique. Something of true merit and innovation that just another me too. We are driven by R&D and creating the best and we are lucky enough to select our clients and only work with like minded brands that are driven by the same goals, to create something BETTER.

If you are looking for tiny volume, stock items you can brand then you are on the wrong website. If you want to make a difference and create something your industry will stand up and take notice of then get in touch.

We are here to help you realise your brands potential. If your brand is about performance sportswear then your focus must be on creating something better than your competitors By doing this your range will start to sell itself based on it’s merits and recommendations rather than a huge marketing budget. If we succeed in developing the best product possible and you do well with it, we also do well. It’s in our interest to provide you with the best.

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