Toomer Bros- Designed & Produced By Blue Associates Ltd

Toomer Bros- Designed & Produced By Blue Associates Ltd

In 2011 Toomer Bros launched a small range of performance and contemporary shooting jackets for the new breed of shooters throughout the world.

Blue Associates became involved in this start up business from the beginning, helping to develop a strategy, budget for the collection and initial line list.

The jackets needed to perform with regards to protection from the weather, keeping the wearer warm and also include specific features a shooter requires like ease of reach, cartridge pockets and adjustable cuffs.

The jackets needed to link back to the traditions of the English countryside but appeal to todays shooter who wanted something more stylish and lighter in weight than a traditional and heavy tweed shooting jacket.

The fabrics we developed played on this tradition, selecting traditional tweed look herringbone but using performance, durable nylon with a waterproof membrane to make it waterproof and breathable.

Unique features we developed included a specific shooters adjustable cuff that synched the cuff tight but did not obstruct the gun and also removed the need to use Velcro that is cheap and gets clogged with grass and brambles. Magnets were also included to the cartridge pocket flaps allowing the wearer quick and easy access to the pocket but also enabled them to close the flap quickly.

We also created an inner jacket that buttoned inside the outer to add additional warmth but could easily be removed and warn by itself, allowing you to opt for a 3 in 1 transitional piece.

Attention to detail was paramount and the trims we developed uses a mix of traditional embossed leather mixed with a more modern brushed stainless metal and all topped off with organic cotton story labels that told the unique Toomer Bros brand story.