Rapha designer cycle gear

Blue Associates – the “Rapha designer” from launch up to 2010 on many of their core styles.

Rapha dominates the high end, quality and stylish cycle clothing market. In fact, they created this sector in the market as before they launched in 2004 there really wasn’t any brands that were focused on quality and style. In fact most cycle clothing was over branded, poor quality and cheap and far removed from the classic race apparel cyclists enjoyed in the early years of racing.

Blue Associates were involved right from the initial concept of the brand, helping to construct mood boards that helped the presentations to obtain the initial round of funding to launch the brand. Further to this we helped with the brand language and designed, developed and produced the very first product and being the Men’s Classic Softshell Jacket that is still going strong today with very few alterations from version one.

This product was the start to the epic collection they currently retail and was the test bed to make sure the brand would be accepted and cyclists desired something new. Rapha was born and the rest is history.

Many of these designs have become their classics with competitors trying to emulate these. Rapha continue to use the manufacturing sources we introduced.

Shortly after this launch we started to develop new products to extend the range that included some other classics including gloves, bib shorts, rain jackets and a gilet that formed and still construct the core foundations behind the Training and Classic collection.

In 2009 & 10 we helped develop the City Riding collection, designing the key styles including Rain jackets, sweaters, polos & shirts and trousers, again still going strong today.

Rapha is now a major influencer within the cycle industry and has also started to become a reference point for other design led projects.

Rapha-City-Trouser-designed-by-Blue-Associates-Ltd1rapha jacket designed by Blue Associates Ltd