Intrepid Apparel MTB Cycle Wear

Intrepid Apparel MTB Cycle Wear – Designed & produced by Blue Associates.

Intrepid Apparel approached Blue Associates in 2010 with a brief to help launch a quality mountain bike clothing brand using high performance materials, quality components and innovative design.

We helped create the branding and then started the design process by creating some detailed trim and accessories. Once these were finalised we then started to design a small range of products including their Ultimate MTB jacket,  Classic Race Jersey, Mission and Campaign shorts.


The designs needed to be contemporary with clean lines with function dictating the style rather than all style and poor performance. Pockets were placed in key locations and needed to work when riding and also secure contents safely.

Fabrics needed to be hard wearing and components to be of the highest quality so no failures occurred when on the bike. Quality of manufacture was also paramount with added attention to the requirements to create a robust range that could withstand the rigours of the sport.


The Intrepid Apparel range was then sampled and tested to destruction until we were confident all features and details were as good as we could make them.  The development stage of the production included test sample, size samples and sealing samples prior to the shipment of the goods.

Production of the range was then finished and the brand launched in August 2011 with great success.

intrepid apparel MTB bike clothing designer stuart brooke BLUE ASSOCIATES LTD (427x640)

designed and produced by Blue associates for intrepid Apparel MTB bike shorts