ashmei sportswear – Cycle – Run – Triathlon

ashmei sportswear – Cycle – Run – Triathlon

We live by 3 words-:


Always in this order with performance taking the priority. Quality and Style are easy to achieve but performance takes knowledge and real effort.

ashmei is developed without compromise and every product is engineered to outperform their competitors best efforts. By developing in this way, ashmei has won several key awards and is soon becoming the performance sportswear athletes favour.

Many of the materials we use are bespoke and developed based on what fibre is best suited to the requirements. Weight, mix and structure is then confirmed followed by lab and gear testing to guarantee we cannot improve the performance further. Only when we are happy with the material do we start the design and development of the product, which again is developed in a unique way.

We evaluate each component and look for major improvement on each of these. We also evaluate what the athlete requires with regard to features when they do their sports and ONLY include these. that’s why we don’t put hand pockets on our jackets!!!


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