Merino wool keeps you cooler in summer than polyester.


We have been preaching the benefits of Merino wool since our launch in 2011, but we still get asked “Merino is just for winter – right?”

“No” we answer promptly. Merino is for 12 months of the year and any climate. It is the ONLY yarn that regulates your body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Synthetics simply warm you up and so you end up sweating more to try and stay cool. This means your garment needs to work harder to keep you comfortable and dry.

Because merino wool regulates your temperature you can go out for longer training sessions knowing you will more likely be comfortable if conditions change. An early morning run could soon turn warm as the sun rises or running through valleys or over mountains conditions and climates change consistently.

It also has some other amazing qualities, like the way it wicks moisture, dries really fast and will never stink like nasty petrochemical polyester that love bacteria that causes cheap running gear to stink after a while.

Sure, Merino is more expensive than polyester, but if your jersey lasts for years and still smells fresh even after 100’s of miles and doesn’t need special soaps to wash out bacteria then you are actually investing in value for money, especially if it becomes your favourite jersey of all time.

Posted by Stuart Brooke – founder ashmei