Are you looking to start a brand? Are you a start-up? Are you wanting to develop new product or launch a sportswear brand? Are you looking for alternative sportswear factories?

We have worked with many clients who have a great idea or concept but need help to develop this into finished product and build a brand. We offer a full turnkey solution and provide a full service that includes branding, logos, brand development, product design, development and sourcing and also advised on the process of routes to market.

We can get as involved as you like and can look after the brand name and ID creation, trim pack and product design, specifications, sourcing, production and marketing of this idea.

Many of our “start up” clients like to keep all of this under one roof so that the concept does not get diluted along the way by different interpretations.

We were established in 1997 and have a large network of trusted sportswear factories that we use to produce our clients. These sportswear factories differ in skills, technology and all specialise in different types of sportswear, but we have worked with them all for many years and they all have one thing in common and that’s quality. All of the factories produce top quality product and we are only interested in working with clients who are looking for a similar quality of product.

We have in the past worked with large multiples like Tesco, Arcadia and Primark, developing sportswear brands for them, but they were all 100% driven by price and margin. We no longer work with them and never will again. We are only interested in working with clients who share our philosophy of being proud about what you produce. To be the best you can and make a difference, however small.

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