Looking for Sportswear design and production?

We offer a full turnkey service from concept through to delivered sportswear. You can select the full turnkey service or dip in and out depending on your requirements.

We have been designing, developing, sourcing and producing high performance sportswear since 1997. We have also been involved in the marketing and sales of performance sportswear so we know a thing or two about how to create innovative sportswear and bring it to market.

We have a very diverse mix of clients from around the world. Some have a full R&D team backed up with development, sourcing and production teams but engage with us to create something outside the box. We bring fresh eyes to the table, not purely focussed on their direct competitors but having a general knowledge of the whole sportswear industry and technical applications within the manufacturing process.

These”fresh eyes” allow us to create new and innovative concepts that may not have been obvious to the brand as their team would not be exposed to these trends or technologies.

We also work with many start up brands, some now rubbing shoulders with the big global establishment within sportswear due to their success. This allows us to create from the ground up. There is a simple concept behind the brand but the founder may not have the sportswear design and production knowledge to bring this concept to life.

We therefore get involved from the start, creating the branding, brand language, logo and registration, trim packs, designs, development and production, allowing the founder to concentrate on building their business and spreading the word.

We have worked with start up brands since we were established and although quantities and budgets may not be as large as established brands, the challenge and freedom to become involved from the initial concept makes start up clients some of our favourites to work with.

The services we offer provide our clients with a full turnkey solution from initial concept through to delivered goods and can include some marketing solutions too. We also allow our clients to tap into the services they need, perhaps because they already have a preferred production facility they want to use or they have the designs worked out and simply need to bring these to life.

Whatever your needs, give us a call to discuss your needs.

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