Looking for a freelance sportswear designer?

We have provided freelance sportswear designer services that also include development, sourcing and sportswear production since 1997.

We established the business to offer established sports brands a service to tap into an external design team to support their existing team and to provide a fresh perspective on their design requirements.

Since our launch we have worked with some of the biggest names in performance sportswear within cycle, outdoor, ski, marine, golf and fitness but over the last 10 years we have also worked with many start up brands that have a great concept but have no experience or knowledge on how to design, specify, source and produce this concept.

Many of the projects we become involved in are about creating something completely revolutionary and completely innovative because their internal design team have become stagnant or are focussed on core product. This has allowed us the freedom to think outside the box and ignore what has gone before, creating product that are complete game-changers, winning both ourselves and our clients awards and best in test gear reviews.

We have developed a seamless service from design through to production and our team are involved along the whole process as without the knowledge of how the product is produced, a designer cannot create designs that push the boundaries of innovation and can only replicate what’s on the market already

Having a deep understanding and knowledge of the manufacturing process allows us to be far more creative when we are in the design phases of the project. We are thinking about how to manipulate the manufacturing process to our benefit with regard to performance and features so that we end up with something innovative.

We also hate passing our designs over to an in-house production team to manage the production as this really dilutes the concept as it gets passed from developer through to production and then through to the factory. If we remain in control of the production we can make sure the end product resembles the original concept and design as we created this and understand every element of it.

So when you are looking for a freelance sportswear designer, check out if they simply design sportswear or if they have this knowledge of production that we believe is critical to creating a product that really works. After all, the design stage is simply a tool to explain the concept through to finished product. It’s the finiahed product that the brand needs to sell and is judged on so understanding how to translate the concept through to production is CRITICAL.