How to launch a sportswear brand?

Launching a sportswear brand should be built on core attributes that should then be translated to everything that brand touches. Blue Associates help launch many sportswear brands.

Want to launch a sportswear brand. Read here how we did this.

We launched our own performance running brand in 2011 after we found there was a gap in the market for quality, high performance and stylish running clothing. The market was drowning in identical product that looked awful, used inferior and budget performance fabrics and tried to make you look like you could run as fast as Usain Bolt.

The ashmei clothing is built in parallel with 3 words that also define the brand and what it stands for.




These 3 words MUST all feature in everything the brand now does. Producing clothing is our bread and butter (we do this everyday for the last 20 years) and working to these key elements are easy, however we now have to extend this into everything the brand now touches, be it Events, POS, Advertisement, Trade or Consumer Shows and even Social Media.

These 3 words now define our brand and everything anyone can see, hear or touch must be as coherent and “on brand”.

To give you an example, we wanted to be able to present the brand at consumer shows, marathons and events and we needed to make sure what we did was a massive improvement on our competitors efforts of a fold away table and branded gazebo. Whatever we did had to emit PERFORMANCE, QUALITY and be uber STYLISH. We wanted something that made a massive impact too and brought quality retail to a muddy race village and had to be large enough to present the whole range in a professional manor. There was really only one conclusion and that was to import a classic 1964 twin axle 26ft airstream trailer from the USA and restore and convert this into our own mobile POP UP shop and showroom.

The trailer took over 9 months to convert and features a small office area that converts into a double bed for overnight accommodation at race events, a log burner to warm the trailer through the winter, a satellite dish, a retractable LCD TV to show ashmei films and host presentations and a cappuccino machine. The rest of the trailer showcases the clothing via a bespoke shopfit made from riveted aluminum, solid oak, Italian alcantara seating and ashmei red perspex with LED backlighting.

The outside was polished to an inch of it’s life to restore the 1964 box fresh look when he was built and we added a massive hydraulic lifting door to one whole side of the trailer so people could see the inside and enter something much more open and airy.

To pull this huge mobile pop up we decided to purchase a vehicle that had similar pedigree to the airstream and followed the 3 words the brand was build on. There really was only one option and so we bought a 110 double cab pickup land rover.

We now turn up to events with a mirror finish, rare classic that converts into a luxury shopping experience, keeping runners warm, dry and watered (remember cappuccino machine) while they pick up some essential kit.