How do we design sportswear?

No all designers work the same way. This is how we differ and how we design sportswear.

We ALWAYS start with a blank page and evaluate the needs of the wearer. We don’t take on clients that simply want a”ME-2″ or a quick copy of an existing product or brand.

We want to be challenged as this gets our creativity flowing. There is nothing better than working with clients to design sportswear that becomes the the next ultimate product and then watching our client’s competitors scramble to catch up as soon as they launch. We then love to move the game on again, season after season, keeping one step ahead.

When we design, we think about the activity the athlete will do, their environment, climate and conditions the garments will be exposed to. It’s only when you fully understand these parameters can you start to think about material and fibres that are up for the job.

We have a deep understanding of how performance fibres work and their core performance properties and we have the ability to develop bespoke materials when required that deliver unparalleled levels of performance over a typical off the shelf fabric.

We then look at what features are required by the athlete and ONLY include these features. There are too many “duff” sportswear garments out there with useless features that have been built into garments because the brand could afford to add these features or they thought this added additional features without thinking about the performance.

There a great “BIG BRAND” running jacket out there. It’s a waterproof, taped jacket made with a completely reflective, waterproof material. The problem is, the reflective material doesn’t breathe as its made with a thick silver print and glass beads to reflect light. To get over this issue, said “BIG BRAND” laser cut breathe holes all over the jacket that then renders the jacket non waterproof. They have ended up with a running jacket that is far to hot to run in that is targeted towards running in the rain but is covered in holes to help the jacket breath. The industry is full of similar examples on “non joined up thinking” or marketing spin to get past fundamental flaws in their product.

Sportswear is all about performance. If it wasn’t, then we would wear fashion clothes when we exercise but we understand they they are not cut correctly and they make you sweat or don’t protect you from the elements. We focus on this performance before we approach style and features.

It’s a simple approach but one that many in house design departments don’t follow.

We are a small team and as such we manage the whole process from design through to production as a whole project. We don’t fragment this development journey into different departments. One member of staff manages the whole process which guarantees the concept is never diluted or compromised and the end product 100% resembles the original design. Again, it’s a simple approach and one that is never adopted by established brands who work in departments, passing the product from design, through to development, sourcing and then production departments, all having a part to play in the dilution of the original concept.